I drill holes in many corks.

I’ve been performing the thrilling task of drilling holes in several hundred corks. Tonight alone I drilled 230 of them before both of the powerdrill batteries ran out.

Aside from the sheer joy of performing the same mundane task over and over again, I’m doing this for a craft project I have in mind. (Admittedly, I’ve been listening to a Roman History course while I do it, and I find it meditative and relaxing.)

I purchased the corks during a sale last week at SCRAP. Everything in the store was 50 cents a pound that day. I think I bought about 34 pounds. (It’s a huge bag that I’ve barely dipped into.) I decided to buy them because I have a lot of ideas for different things to do with them and they’re relatively light, but make a good, basic building unit.

I even saved the cork dust in a jar. You never know when you might need some cork dust.

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One Response to I drill holes in many corks.

  1. Please post your finished project when it’s complete…need to visit SCRAP someday myself. :0)

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