America Loves/Hates Puppets

Today, the controversy regarding the Iranian election rages on, with authorities having to close parts of Tehran due to anti-Ahmer Ahmea- Ahmadinejad protestors. Israel put forth their conditions for the creation of a Palestinian state. But who cares about the that!? What’s up with those Nike puppets!?

As you probably know. I live half my life on the Twitters. (Don’t judge.) While doing laundry and browsing, I noticed people complaining about or lauding these puppets. Such passionate controversy, such spirited discourse is difficult to ignore!

Whether you like the puppets or not, Portland-based ad powerhouse Wieden+Kennedy scored big with this campaign. The decision to keep LeBron in the commercials, despite the loss of the Cavs, drew a great deal of attention:

Picture 55

And that, more analytical assessment and opinion is of course joined by many more:

Picture 61

Picture 51Picture 60

And here’s a sample from the pro-puppet camp, who seems to slightly outnumber the anti-puppet forces:

Picture 53Picture 56

Picture 59

The debate rages on, ad infinitum.Picture 58

I think the commercials aren’t bad, but the general campaign strategy seems to be a big winner. And, no matter what you think about puppets, at least they’re not horrifying claymation figures, like the ones pictured below. I still have nightmares about them.

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