Portland Local Media Roundup: Streets of Rage!


I’m in Ur Councilz, Renamin’ Ur Avez

Matt Davis reported this morning on the Portland Mercury’s Blogtown, (somewhat caustically) the unanimous decision of city council to rename 39th Ave. to Ceasar Chavez Blvd. He even used the word, “fucking!” Ooooh. I’m gonna tell!

The KATU readers are once again bubbling right out of the cauldron. (Reading KATU commenters is becoming one of my favorite pasttimes.) Cries for recalling EVERYONE run rampant. One commenter boldly remarks, “City councel members – you are a disgrace to your city and your state.”

“pdxranger1″ said “I thought the illegal day labor site was a symbol recognizing latinos for their contributions? This is absurd, I cannot wait unit Mr. Adams is recalled, then we can focus on booting out the other losers in office,” proving once again that the Adams recall circus, which officially registered with the city yesterday, is spurred on by forward-thinking, non-bigots.

KATU is running this poll as well:

Picture 3

ghostly "Viewers' Voice" graphic haunts poll with improper size, format

No! I don’t agree at all! You should fire them! All of them. FIRE ALL YOUR GRAPHIC DESIGNERS! Wait. What were we talking about?

@PDXPipeline Swallowed by Enigmatic Internet Phenomenon

PDXPipeline, which provides event and nightlife information to thousands of Portlanders daily, suffered an unexpected suspension of their main twitter account, as well as a couple of satellite accounts, including @PDXJobs. The outcry from locals on twitter was immediate and loud. (fancy that) Even several members of the OurPDX community took a break from participation in massive comment-thread flame-war planning to set up a complaint ticket with twitter’s support dept.

Twitter reinstated the account within a day and apologized saying that the PDXPipelne accounts were somehow caught up in a “spam cloud!”


expert artists conception of a twitter spam cloud

OLCC To Oregon: You Kids Get Off My Blog!

The OLCC continues their quest to use current technology in outdated ways. It’s cute in a way, like your 84 year-old grandfather trying to work an iPhone. “Where’s the goddamn on button on this dadgum thing!?” Their latest post, which features a stylish double headline, exhorts proudly the virtue of their revolutionary and effective stale, impotent new campaign, redolent of out-of-touch PSA’s throughout the ages.

Picture 4

OLCC clearly wasting tax dollars on having designers who can do this kind of sleek, sexy formatting

They know you have questions. And they have answers!

“WHAT’S SHOULDER TAPPING? Teens asking adults to buy them alcohol. Also known as “Hey, Mister.”

“Yeah. Gee whiz, mister. It’d be real swell if you could get a couple of 40oz. PBR’s for me and Jimmy here. They’d be great with Mrs. Caruther’s homemade apple pie!”

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3 Responses to Portland Local Media Roundup: Streets of Rage!

  1. Julian Chadwick says:

    Thanks to Betsy from OurPDX for both enlightening me to the power of Get Satisfaction and the fact that is was a wide-spread phenomenon and not malicious towards us.

    Beware of the Spam cloud!

  2. willradik says:

    Betsy is indeed awesome. She made me bread!

  3. Julian Chadwick says:

    That picture is fantastic. I’m sorry I forgot to mention that earlier.

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