It’s Sunday. Have some Jesus with Dinosaurs

My good friend Harlan sent me a link his morning to a blog article by Jeff Koyen, about how they’re going to teach Creationism not just in American schools, but in Australian ones, too. Check it out. It’s a pretty good read.

Harlan and I used to read Koyen’s zine, Crank, when we were in high school. He scanned it and put it on the World Wide Web! I believe Harlan even ordered a hard copy from him at some point.

Anyway, because they’re funny, and because “Jesus on a dinosaur” is also used by the kids these days to call something on the web antiquated, here’s some pictures of Jesus with big reptiles. If anyone says I’m behind and these are already really popular, I’ll just claim irony.

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2 Responses to It’s Sunday. Have some Jesus with Dinosaurs

  1. ben lacy says:

    Do they have to adjust the curriculum in Australia to teach that when Jesus turns water to wine, it swirls down the drain counterclockwise?

    • willradik says:

      I think the books just change themselves when you cross the equator. Also, Jesus will have a boomerang and one of them fancy hats with the leopard print band.

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