7th Planet Picture Show: August Schedule

7th Planet Picture Show fills your Thursday evenings with magic* this August! Come to the svelte and distinctive lounge in the Mt. Tabor Theater for free shows every Thursday night at 7pm. Movies include live comedic commentary by Will Radik and guest hosts and the bar has $2 Widmer Hefes all night. Audience yelling at the movie is not only permitted but condoned! Condoned!

Glitter (2001) August 5th

The semi-autobiographical pop star flick that changed semi-autobiographical pop star flicks, and us, forever.

Laboratory (1980) August 12th

Head-to-toe besequined aliens kidnap white people and a couple token minorities, do some experiments on them, and send them back. One of the white people is Martin Kove, who played super evil Cobra Kai dojo owner John Kreese in all three Karate Kid movies (not counting the ones with the girl or the black kid).

No Law 4000 (2002) / Turkish Superman (1979) Double Feature August 19th

No Law 4000 lasts only 30 mins, but begging for 7th Planet, and Turkish Superman an hour, so I’m mashing these two together in one craptacular show!

No Law 4000Look out Joss Whedon! The Swedish have taken the future-western to a whole new level. I’m not exactly sure where that level is but… The only thing we really learn about the massive changes that took place between our time and the year 4000 is that aliens invaded Mexico. Also, there’s a character named Space Mahooney. It’s a good time.

Turkish SupermanThe Return of Superman (the actual title of the movie known in the USA as Turkish Superman) opens by trying to convince us that an array of holiday ornaments is space, and a green glass bulb is The Planet Krypton. The “Fortress of Solitude” looks very similar to some caves we saw in Turkish Star Wars.

Megaforce (1982) August 26th

I’m not really sure what this movie is about, which is strange, since I did watch it. I might have fallen asleep somewhere in the middle. What I know for sure is that it has Brad Majors (Barry Boswick) in a ridiculous beard and skintight outfit, a bunch of desert, and crazy-ass vehicles, including a flying motorcycle. And it’s called Megaforce, so…

Hope to see you there!

P.S. I also have a mailing list where I send info about the shows. If you’d like to be on it, please leave a comment here with the desired email address saying so.

*”magic” is, of course, a highly subjective term
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2 Responses to 7th Planet Picture Show: August Schedule

  1. JD says:

    Love this story. So much magic.

  2. danceswithklingons says:

    Some place I have a comic book with the poster on the back cover for MegaForce.

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