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Reader, Command Me!

I haven’t done any physical art in a while, but I’d like to work on some in the meager free time I have between studying. Luckily, I have plenty of unfinished projects lying around. Traveller, which of these pieces three … Continue reading

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Rules for Naming

I’m totally not up making flowcharts to help with IUPAC naming conventions for chemicals at 3 am. But if I was, I would never take a shot of my dry erase board with such a flowchart drawn on it and … Continue reading

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So today on fb, this happened: This is one of my biggest problems with “geek culture.” Although there are necessarily a lot of educated people involved with it, the culture itself focuses more on the fun stuff and less on … Continue reading

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Judging by the cover.

I just started listening to this album. If it’s half as good as its cover artwork, I am in for a treat, my friends.

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Ballads are your friends.

I’m reading some feature stories as research for a project. This one seems to blur the lines between a feature and a personal essay. It describes a feeling close to mine when worked as a karaoke jockey and my hipster-ironic … Continue reading

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Of Corn and Intellectual Honesty

I abhor attempts by large corporations to throw intellectual property nets over, well, anything they can. In addition, I think that once you’ve sold something to someone, your purview over the application of whatever it is should end and it’s … Continue reading

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Take me to the test, Math Pony!

I’m not entirely sure why I gave up on math. I wasn’t terrible at it, but it always stressed me out. In 6th grade, I had a crazy disciplinarian of a teacher. Talking in his class was entirely forbidden–always–unless answering … Continue reading

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