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Giant Skin-Cancer Causing Vortex: Vacationing Soon Near You!

Heard about the new hole in the ozone layer that scientists recently detected in the arctic? Over 20 years ago, all UN countries came to an agreement to halt the production of dangerous emissions (like CFC’s) that threatened the ozone … Continue reading

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Dennis Hopper Reads One of my Favorite Poems

I’m not much of a poetry nut, but this is one of my favorite poems, “If” by Rudyard Kipling. Dennis Hopper would often read it at public appearances. He also recited some lines from it in a scene in Apocalypse … Continue reading

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The Real Reason Matt Davis is Moving to New Orleans

QPdx (Queer News and Events for Portland, Oregon) has it that Portland has been ranked as the 6th largest city in the US, in terms of average penis size. Guess which one is #1? As you may or may not … Continue reading

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Chicken Splint 4 EVAH, Ya’ll

I just got home from a couple hours of good, healthy American bowling with the Merc staff. I learned a few things today. Well, mainly I learned I still suck at bowling. I managed a 104, the exact same score … Continue reading

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Silly People

Pictured here in the cavelike lounge area of the Portland Mercury editorial offices are me, in my intern uniform, and news editor Matt Davis.

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