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Fire at The Vern

I heard over twitter (via @mightytoycannon) that the Vern, a bar in SE Portland (2622 SE Belmont. It’s actually named Hannigan’s but everyone calls it The Vern because of the broken sign.) was on fire. So I went down and … Continue reading

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BBQ Stupid!

I saw these while shopping at Grocery Outlet today for lunch. I put them on twitter, but, figured, “Hey, what the fuck. Maybe some assholes read my blog who don’t pay attention on twitter and they need to see these … Continue reading

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Traitors Welcome Corporate Masters!

I’m glad to see local nonprofits like The Hollywood Theater stand up for local small business in a spirit that engenders cooperation in the fight against corporate homigenizat- oh wait.

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Silly People

Pictured here in the cavelike lounge area of the Portland Mercury editorial offices are me, in my intern uniform, and news editor Matt Davis.

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Portland Media Lightning Roundup

Randy Leonard’s Blog – gets fun for a post only to go back to being boring, with nothing but links to Oregonian and KATU articles. But, damn. Check out this photo! Still utterly shocked that, after Randy’s big victory for … Continue reading

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Little T

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to spend a few hours with a very kickass baker, at his bakery, Little T, in SE Portland. I interviewed Tim Healea for this week’s feature in the Mercury food issue. Service! … Continue reading

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Seen Around PDX

Some of you may remember that I started a photoblog, called SeenAroundPDX, back in May. That experiment has now settled down into a ghostly torpor. I’ve decided to do all my photo posts here. I’ll still keep seenaroundpdx up in … Continue reading

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