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The Flight of the Rainbow Owl

Even with an ocean of knowledge at their fingertips, people will believe anything. I found people credibly tossing this photo around on FB. Behold the “Rainbow Owl”. The Rainbow Owl is a rare species of owl found in hardwood forests … Continue reading

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Father of Oregon Distant Relative of Beloved Auteur?

While poking around on the tubes this evening, I discovered this charming photo of “The Father of Oregon,” John McLoughlin. Remind you of anyone? Eh? Eh?

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Sunset Trailers

IMG_1339.JPG Originally uploaded by willradik on MLK bridge between Lombard and Columbia in Portland

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Fire at The Vern

I heard over twitter (via @mightytoycannon) that the Vern, a bar in SE Portland (2622 SE Belmont. It’s actually named Hannigan’s but everyone calls it The Vern because of the broken sign.) was on fire. So I went down and … Continue reading

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Walk Walk Click

I went to pay the water people some moneys today. i also had to drop off some photos I took for Wild Space a Gogo. I took a few shots along the way.

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Traitors Welcome Corporate Masters!

I’m glad to see local nonprofits like The Hollywood Theater stand up for local small business in a spirit that engenders cooperation in the fight against corporate homigenizat- oh wait.

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Chill Out

Just look at this mouth-watering cold!

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