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So today on fb, this happened: This is one of my biggest problems with “geek culture.” Although there are necessarily a lot of educated people involved with it, the culture itself focuses more on the fun stuff and less on … Continue reading

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Take me to the test, Math Pony!

I’m not entirely sure why I gave up on math. I wasn’t terrible at it, but it always stressed me out. In 6th grade, I had a crazy disciplinarian of a teacher. Talking in his class was entirely forbidden–always–unless answering … Continue reading

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The Flight of the Rainbow Owl

Even with an ocean of knowledge at their fingertips, people will believe anything. I found people credibly tossing this photo around on FB. Behold the “Rainbow Owl”. The Rainbow Owl is a rare species of owl found in hardwood forests … Continue reading

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The Job Limbo Thing

or “Bending Over Backwards?” Being a “creative”, with limited employment,(My steadiest job is working one night a week at a popular Portland karaoke joint.) who would like to (read: needs to) have another source of income, I’ve been wont to … Continue reading

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History is Awesome

My new show is now up on itunes, and youtube. It’s a comedic take on some of the more important, and ridiculous events in our past. Check it out:

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