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A Tangled Web Billo Weaves

So this video has been going around since Billo’s show on Tuesday, in which he defended JC Penney for hiring Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson. I initially thought, “Well. Maybe JC Penney is a sponsor for O’Reilly, but I can’t … Continue reading

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Frame a Day: Damage!

Not sure if this is from a movie or if it’s the Heads Up Display in my new CD-ROM game! I just got a CD-ROM for my Personal Computer last week, guys! From: Death Machine (1995)

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Frame A Day: Santo on the Pyramid of the Sun

El Santo! From El Tesoro De Moctezuma (1968 Mexico) (Montezuma’s Treasure) We’ll be playing this at 7th Planet Picture Show in Portland, OR this upcoming Thurs. Details.

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You’re So Pretty


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I Think I Already Get This Workout Three Times A Day

SHAKE WEIGHT! “Shake weight is science FACT!” Thanks, Jessica!  :D

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There Can Be Only One

I’m going through information from some of my old HD’s in order to assemble something of a portfolio of past photographic images. I’m coming across some other fun stuff in there, though, like this old thing I made:

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7th Planet Picture Show for Feb 4th: Hard Ticket to Hawaii

About a year ago I read a post on the Mercury’s Blogtown by Andrew R. Tony, containing this clip: Needless to say, it was love at first sight. Fast forward six months and I was actually interning at the Mercury … Continue reading

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