9th Annual How Weird Street Faire

While all the cool kids were running around up at Maker Faire taking pictures of power tool races or robots or something, (Couldn’t go. Bitter.) I was down in SF. But my weekend wasn’t completely boring. The How Weird Street Faire took place on Sunday, and I Muni’d out, wearing a camera and a smile to get some photos.

The Street Faire benefits the World Peace Through Technology Foundation. It’s also a great excuse for SF to get all dressed up in ridiculous, brightly-colored outfits, parade through the streets and dance. Which, of course, SF never turns down.

All in all, it was a great experience. Plenty of music and lots of good vibes, plus sexy girls on stilts.

People were very friendly and open to having their photos taken. (I was just one among the legions of photographers gathered there like a pack of starved wolves around a wounded doe.) And, of course, nothing lends credibility to an event in San Francisco like Frank Chu being there.

I put the rest of the photos up on flickr.

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