Entertainment Industry Wants to Fist the Internet With No Lube

Something like that, anyway. Remember that Protect IP act that Senator Ron Wyden stalled in the US Senate this Spring? (Guess who’s getting another vote from me next time around.) Well now Big Hollywood, who will do anything, even at the expense of freedom of speech, and the very functionality of the Internet itself, is trying to rawdog an even worse bill through, but this time in the House.

Once again it’s going to, “protect artists, blah blah, save the economy.” But, really, all it will do, aside from propping up a content distribution model that’s flawed and pitifully outmoded, is cause problems for honest technology companies and internet users. Not to mention the implications for freedom of speech. Telling search engines and DNS servers what they can and cannot list puts us just one step closer to handling the Internet like the People’s Republic of China.

Even if it weren’t for the huge collateral damage, ( I’d liken it to taking a wrecking ball to drywall to kill a spider.) this bill really helps nobody, except the people who want to turn the Internet into a TV. And, let me tell you, the people funding this bill would love that. We’re talking about big companies who long for the days when they told everyone what was there to watch and it was difficult to impossible to get content out as an independent artist. They might be stringing along a few unions with them (basically groups that, in this case strive to maintain strict control on who gets to work professionally in their industry rather than benefit the working class as a whole) or “artist groups.” but it’s bunk.

This bill is a sham that rich entertainment executives want to shove through so they can bandage their leaky, sinking ship for a few more minutes, with great cost and inconvenience to a great many people… and the pirating websites they’re supposedly targeting will laugh and adapt to this in moments, suffering little if any at all damage.


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One Response to Entertainment Industry Wants to Fist the Internet With No Lube

  1. E says:

    it wont pass. itll will be years before legislation will pass that correctly addresses copyright protections on the internets. keep tryin tho.

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