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Shoving reproductive health care into the middle, and excluding it.

Posts on facebook expressing a point of view with bad arguments aren’t totally useless. They’re very useful to illustrate common fallacious arguments that crap like this is based on. So this one says either you want the government in your … Continue reading

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Giant Skin-Cancer Causing Vortex: Vacationing Soon Near You!

Heard about the new hole in the ozone layer that scientists recently detected in the arctic? Over 20 years ago, all UN countries came to an agreement to halt the production of dangerous emissions (like CFC’s) that threatened the ozone … Continue reading

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I Have a Nightmare

One of my roommates got this mug for his birthday last year. It changes colors so all the states turn blue when you fill it with warm liquids. Much like it’s topical relevance, some of the surface has worn away. … Continue reading

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Form Letters! Form Commemoration!

I received a form letter from Nick Fish’s office today, in response to my email to city council members, regarding the proposal to rename 39th Ave. after Cesar Chavez. It contained the following non-specific blandness: “Mr. Chavez was an American … Continue reading

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Stand by Your Sam

As I’m sure you already know, Sam Adams issued a statement yesterday stating his intent to return to work tomorrow and continue being the mayor he promised us he would be. This is a great victory for the people of … Continue reading

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Leave Sam Adams A-LONE!

Leave him aloooooooooooone!!! He had good reason to lie. He’s going to be a good mayor. And I’m happy he lied, because if he hadn’t, he might not have gotten elected. He lied about a very personal issue, that was … Continue reading

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Shoes for Dubya

As if today couldn’t get any better, with the Portland snow and all, a story has just broken that an Iraqi journalist threw HIS SHOES at President Bush during a press conference. According to the Chicago Sun Times article “In … Continue reading

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Blaggo my Eggo!

Nothing goes well with breakfast like a little Blago. As a former Illinoan, I find the gubernatorial scandal(s) highly amusing. The Portland Mercury is thickening my pot of joy. You see, “Roddy” has been posting on the Mercury blog, bringing … Continue reading

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A Gay Proposal

(for Ending the Energy Crisis and Defending the Integrity of the American Family) Recently, California passed a Proposition, numbered 8, which took away from homosexuals, the right to marry, which they’d been granted earlier this year. It seems, shamefully, that … Continue reading

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Teh Eagle is Crying!

Everyone’s got McCain supporters somewhere in their family, right? Someone sent me a FWD with this picture at the bottom and the words, “God Help America”. I feel kinda bad for laughing at it, but, eh, it’s funny.

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